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"The Last American Painter"
Last Gasp, San Francisco
Preis: CHF 43.-(exkl. Versand)


The ritualistic, sexual and political mixed media paintings and performances of Native American artist Reverend Steven Johnson Leyba reflects our times with his relentless and fiercely unapologetic vision. Redeemer of the swastika and desecrator of the Amerikan flag “to mock blind nationalism and patriotism” Leyba is a master of art associal satire, giving birth to controversies and theoretical debates alike. A legally ordained priest in the Church of Satan, Leyba has been a prominent figure in the debunking of christianity and its role in the American Holocaust. Oil and acrylic over collage, beadwork, urine, excrement, human hair and semen, as well as sex and blood rituals comprise his mediums of choice. Layer upon layer of textured content inspired by his religion and heritage (Apache, Creek, Navajo, Cherokee, Irish, Swedish and Welsh), gives voice to the rage and politics of this “Satanic Apache.” Several artists / writers, including luminaries such as William S. Burroughs, Poppy Z. Brite, David Aaron Clark, Charles Gatewood, Bily Warsoldier, H.R. Giger and feminist Susan Wright offer their personel insights into Leyba’s work with introductions to each of his five hand-made books.

"The Angry Indian Priest's Satanic, Pornographic Coloring Book"
Coyotel Press
Preis: CHF 43.-(exkl. Versand)



"Coyote Satan Amerika"
Coyotel Press
Preis: CHF 30.-(exkl. Versand)


Memoiren von Steven Johnson Leyba

"Brilliant! Leyba is the son I never had"
-Sue Coe, artist and activist

"I was astonished by Leyba‘s images-powerful, imaginative. And of course outrageous! With something important to say."
-Howard Zinn, Historian, social critic, author
"An artist who is a prophet trumps an artist INTO profit every time!"
-Genesis Breyer P-Orridge, Artist, musician, cultural engineer(from the introduction)

"There is no shocking the citizens of San Francisco, it has been argued; it takes some doing just to entertain them or so they apparently thought."
-New York Times

"In the Native American Tradition of the Trickster."
-Don Lattin, religous writer San Francisco Chronicle

"Steve is able to expose the face of true love which knows no bounds, which is unconditional, whichis the simple love of being."
-Penny Rimbaud, of the Crass

"Leyba is a visionary artist, a missionary artist involved compulsively on behalf of us all in a form of creation that evolves our understanding of existence, is fully in the original and true meaning."
-Will Taylor, Author of "Pollen Road"

"San Francisco is still abuzz."
-U.S.A. Today

Steven Johnson Leyba, The Last American Painter, CHF 43.-
Steven Johnson Leyba, The Angry Indian Priest's Satanic, Pornographic Coloring Book, CHF 43.-
Steven Johnson Leyba, Coyote Satan Amerika, CHF 30.-